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If you’re here reading this, you are probably a lot like me: a super busy mom with lots of plates spinning! We wear so MANY hats – kids to raise, homes to keep, food to fix, spouses to stay connected with, friendships to maintain, jobs to do well in, businesses or side-gigs to run, volunteer positions we love, etc….and somewhere in the midst of all that we are trying our best to remember who we really ARE…or were, before life became so hectic!

After years & years of life revolving mostly around my kids, I found myself stretched thin and burned out. I LOVED being a mama, but I had almost forgotten who I had been and dreams God had given me before motherhood.

My life was waaay out of balance, and I had put “being a good mom” as central to EVERYTHING- my identity, my sense of self worth, the lens through which I made decisions.

Like many moms, I got to a lost sort of place. I finally started asking myself & God, “Who am I, really? How can I have more balance? How can I live a life of joy, purpose & impact – as a mom, but also outside of that role?”

​Those questions started me on a journey which is still shifting & blossoming as I search and learn and grow. I am sharing my journey here in hopes that I can encourage other Christian moms in their pursuit of joy, purpose & impact in all the roles they serve as busy Many Hatted Moms!

I would love to connect with you!

​Email: amy@manyhattedmom.com

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I’m BACK – some freebies & some news!

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