Hi! I'm Amy

If you’re here reading this, you are probably a lot like me: a super busy mom with lots of plates spinning! We wear so MANY hats – kids to raise, businesses to run, homes to keep, food to fix, spouses to stay connected with, friendships to maintain, volunteer positions we love, jobs, etc….and somewhere in the midst of all that we are trying our best to remember who we really ARE, or were, before life became so hectic!

I wear a lot of hats, too. I taught before we had kids, served for a short time as a children’s ministry leader, and then I took on the role of homeschooling mom about twelve years ago. I LOVE learning, kids (especially mine, obviously), and am curious about soooo many things! But I started sensing that something was missing. My whole life revolved around my children, and I couldn’t remember who I was besides being Mom.

I started a business as something I could do for ME, while also benefiting my family. I also started leaning into God more and trying to peel back all the layers of the woman I was and the things I was doing because I believed that’s what I was *supposed* to be and do. I have grown so much, and found so much joy in discovering who God created ME to be and what I can bring to the world!

Of course, I’m still Mom and my family is super high priority! But I am learning to make space to be myself and giving myself permission to stretch towards the dreams & goals I truly believe God has given me.

This year we’ve begun a new adventure! My kiddos are enrolled in a hybrid homeschool/private school… and I am seeking to help other busy mamas tap into their kiddos’ natural curiosity superpower to become lifelong learners, by providing fun (and simple) activities, learning tips & resources, and an encouraging community! You can join us here at the Grow Great Curiosity community over on Facebook. 

I am also passionate about helping women find the gifts, talents & purpose that God put inside them that they might have lost or forgotten somewhere along the way, as they tended to all their many roles and responsibilities. I love the strength, encouragement & support that a community of women can bring each other as they seek their purpose alongside each other! If you’d like to join us, head to the Many Hatted Mompreneurs community on Facebook!

I would love to connect with you!

You can reach me at amy@manyhattedmom.com, or come find me on Facebook or Instagram @Amy.D.Neumann

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