This is by far my busiest time of year! How about you? It’s soooo easy to get caught up in all the planning and executing of the holidays, and the seventy-million things we have going on for ourselves, our businesses, our families, and our kiddos. Whew!

I’m trying really hard to keep my peace and focus on the right things this year and not spin out into the crazy frazzled mom I know I could be, lol. [Can you relate??] I put together the Kindness Challenge as a simple way to focus with my kids every few days on something that will get them (and me) thinking of and serving others during this season, when it’s so easy to focus on ourselves and all our own to-do’s. Here’s the list:

As you can see, none of these really require anything special or loads of time to prep and carry out. Mama, I KNOW how busy you already are! I just really wanted some things that are simple and easy…but still meaningful to others…that would help my kids and I focus together outside of ourselves. [My motto is K.I.S.S.’M – Keep It Super Simple, Mama!]

Unlike some other challenges I do, there isn’t a giveaway or prize associated with this one. It’s simply to help ourselves and our kiddos be kind humans this month!

I did make a PDF printable with the list of challenges, pages to color a picture or make cards for people, and some recipes to try your hand at cinnamon dough ornaments if you’d like!

Grab the Kindness Challenge PDF here!

I would love for you to stay connected this month! Come join the Grow Great Curiosity community on Facebook, where I’ll be sharing the challenge tasks each week and some fun activities for your kiddos. Or keep up on my new accounts for the blog on Instagram or Facebook! I hope these simple challenge task ideas help you and your family to focus on others and spread some true joy and kindness this month!!

If you’re a Christian mom, I would love for you to join me in the Many Hatted Mompreneurs community on Facebook, where I am doing the Only One Thing Bible study for advent! You can read more about it on my previous blog post HERE, or click below and join the group.

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