First off, something you should know about me is that at this moment in time I am *not* a very good housekeeper. Clutter has followed me from house to house all my life (like, a LOT of clutter). Even as a child, my room was the kind that had a path from the door to the bed, the desk, & the closet…and everything else looked like a disaster – every surface covered in stuff. I have read loads of books, tried various programs, etc. Some helped for a time, but I have always found myself back in a chaotic & cluttered environment eventually.

The above photo is the current state of my side of the bed, ugh! 🙈 As a Christian, this has plagued me for 20+ years. “God! Why won’t this change?! Why can’t I change this?! What is WRONG with me?!” I have recently been a part of a Christian mindset mentorship program and am learning sooooo much about my mindset, my blocks, and my relationship with God! It’s too much to share right now in this post, and isn’t the point today anyway…

The point is that toward the end of this past year I started talking to God about a word or phrase or intention for the coming year and what I heard was, “Let’s get your houses in order!” His use of the plural was intentional, because as you will see below…He was not only talking about my place of residence and the physical clutter of my environment. He was talking about:

  1. My mental & spiritual “house”

  2. My relationships “house”

  3. My body “house”

  4. My career & calling “house”

  5. My financial “house”

  6. My dwelling “house”- the actual place of my residence

Further, He talked to me about how each of these “houses” have several “rooms”. For example, my mental/spiritual “house” consists of:

  • My spiritual growth

  • My mental health

  • My intellectual growth

  • My skills development

  • My hobbies

  • My recreation & entertainment

  • Time Outdoors

For the record, this is not really anything brand new. There are a ton of self development books and programs out there that help us break down the areas of our lives and evaluate where we are, and make plans for what we want to change so we can end up where we’d like to be for optimal happiness, fulfillment of purpose, effectiveness, etc.

What makes this special is that this particular way of looking at things is new to ME, and was given to me by my loving God at a time when I needed it most! I know that this year will be amazing (challenging too, no doubt) and full of growth and ACTUAL CHANGE because He said “Let’s“. God did not say, “Hey loser, you need to get your act & your life together this year – SHEESH!” He said, “Let’s get your houses in order!

Friend, that partnering is not limited to me. I do not have an exclusive on this. God is ready, willing, and able to partner with you and help you to grow in ANY and ALL areas of your life!!

If you know me at all or have been around a little while 😂, you will not be surprised that I made a set of worksheets to help me score the health of my “houses,” and to make goals & concrete action steps for change. Click the button below, if you’d like to grab a PDF copy of my scoresheets!

I will be sharing about the different houses & their rooms here on the blog as I go along this year, if you’d like to follow my progress. If you’d like to team up with a community of other women and cheer each other on in the changes that we’re each wanting to make in some aspect (or several) of our lives, I would be honored to have you join us in the Many Hatted Mompreneurs community on Facebook, where I will be sharing more intimately and more of a deep dive about what I’m learning & working on, as well as tools and tips to help you.

We can do this, mamas! Let’s get OUR houses in order this year!!

💕 Amy N.

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