If you’re like me, you have tried about a zillion times to find the *perfect* routine or schedule for your family to help you manage ALL.THE.THINGS!! As a mama of four (from 5 to 17), there are sooo many moving parts to keep up with; from schoolwork to extracurriculars, from attempting to keep up with laundry & dishes to running a small business… I can’t even tell you how many time management & organizational books & blogs I have read over the years!

Have you done like me and searched Pinterest & Google for the perfect routine or schedule to help sort out your crazy life, only to ditch it a little bit later? I really think that, for me at least, those things that I have tried haven’t worked well for us because they were made for someone ELSE’S family.

What if you slowed your roll and did some background work to think through your own family’s UNIQUE values, goals & interests first, and then used those things to build out a routine for your family that really works…because it’s based on YOUR family??

I’m running a free Routine Reboot workshop September 13-17 in my Grow Great Curiosity community over on Facebook, and I would love for you to join us if you think this is something that could help you! Register below, so that you will be sure to get the workbook. I hope to see you there!

UPDATE, added 9/21/2021 – Though the live portion of the workshop is over, I am leaving the content up in my group through 9/26/21. You can still register to access everything until then!

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