Mama, have you been feeling stretched thin? I sure have! There’s so much going on, especially at this time of year, and I honestly had let too many sources of input have a say about what was important and what I should be focused on. I started feeling anxious, always busy, tired & grumpy – and worried about the things I *should* be doing! Can you relate?

I’m really grateful how God always seems to send people who can help reel me back in when I start feeling like I am coming unraveled! A group that I’m in on Facebook hosted a 30 day devotional, and I started plugging back in to the Bible. One day I read the familiar story about Mary & Martha – Martha was running around like a chicken with her head cut off, trying to be the best hostess she could be; and her sister Mary was just SITTING at Jesus’s feet with the disciples, listening to him teach. Boy, was Martha frustrated!! I can DEFINITELY relate! Anyway, I read the story in The Message version of the Bible for a change…and got zapped by this verse:

Now we’re all busy, even more so during the holiday months, and I’m sure you have a loooong list of to-do’s and responsibilities for the many hats you wear too. But mama, this scripture said to me, “Amy…dear Amy, you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up. ONE THING ONLY is essential!”


Of course that does not mean that all my other things aren’t important! I can’t drop all my responsibilities and sit in bed eating ice cream and reading my Bible non-stop, LOL! Pretty sure my hubby & kids would protest very, very loudly! But over the last several weeks as I made sure that I was hitting the ONE THING that’s essential, my anxiety levels have been coming down.

And now it’s December 1st! Have you felt like you’ve been swept up onto a roller coaster ride of events, parties, shopping, family activities, etc., too, or is it just me? Oh man! So much that we try to cram into these 24 days before Christmas!! Everywhere you turn, there’s a sale happening too …BUY, BUY, BUY, GO, GO, GO, DO, DO, DO – HURRY!!!! Whew! I was feeling the crazies start creeping in again and Jesus brought me back to that verse – ONLY ONE THING is essential!!

So I decided that I would really focus on reading my Bible daily this month to keep Jesus central in my mind and heart. I looked up scripture reading plans and decided what I wanted to focus on…and God said, “There are probably a bunch of other busy mamas who would appreciate a reading plan, some accountability & community.” When the Spirit says move…right?

I would love to officially invite you to join me in the Many Hatted Mompreneurs community on Facebook for the Only One Thing study this month!! I will share a week’s worth of scriptures at a glance, so you have a list for the week. Then each day I will post the day’s scripture and something to help you reflect & journal. The daily reading & reflection shouldn’t take you long…and you’ll have a group of other lovely ladies to share insights with, ask questions of, or just vent & ask for prayer if that’s what you need.

Mama, I do NOT want this to be a burden to you or for you to feel like you have one more to-do item on your list or obligation to fulfill! Join us for as much as you can. Comment and participate as much as you wish.

I hope you will join me! Let’s plug in to the source of our Peace as we walk through this hectic holiday season. My prayer is that as we focus more on the ONE THING, all the other things will be much improved as a result!

Happy Advent! 💕Amy N.

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